By Ashley Rowe


Sierra Pruitt- a fashion photographer based in Portland, Oregon- runs us through her day-in-the-life as she does a photo campaign for Ashley Rowe.

Name: Sierra Pruitt
Instagram: @sierrapruitt


Where are you based?
I'm in Portland, Oregon!


How has your life changed since March / Covid hit? 

 Life has actually been crazy but I think maybe in the best way. I got laid off from my part time job and the next day a friend flew in from London the day Oregon shut down and I was like ok, now I need to show him the nature that the PNW has to offer. It was actually such an amazing experience because since March I have been exploring my own state and connecting with nature instead of consuming the usual things - coffee, bars, shopping, and all of that. I was planning to move to NYC and that was put on hold but I discovered rest in the unknown and it was such a beautiful thing to humbly realize I am not in control. To be able to reconnect with my family and have nightly meals, it’s been such a huge change but I have been challenged in seeing hope in the mundane and be able to grieve the realities of loss in not only my life but others. 

How did you get started in photography? 

I actually started using my iPhone! Whilst being in my second year at university in Portland my friend shot iPhone photography on Instagram and so I started taking pictures on my iPhone then got a cheap camera and started taking pictures of my friends. I was super passionate about photography so I quit university after my second year to become a freelance photographer. That was the real step into being serious about photography. I never thought I would ever quit university, but there was no program and I just took the step. Later I found that fashion photography was that way I wanted to connect and communicate to the world so I went to study my Bachelors at London College of Fashion.

When did you know you wanted to be a photographer? 

When I quit university to pursue freelance photography, I knew that it’s what I wanted to do with my life. 

Your inspiration? Where does it come from? 

Soooo many things. I think for separate projects there are different forms of inspiration I pull from whether that be God, books, magazines, other people, my surroundings etc. I really love contemporary art and avant garde designers and always pull inspiration from my favourite fashion designers past and present. 



Photographers: Coco Capitan 
Color: black
Drink: craft hazy ipa beer 
Music: vibey music?? Lol listen to “Pollen” Playlist on Spotify that is the best curated playlist out there.
Book: Love Does by Bob Goff
Place: London
Food: Mexican
Camera: anything Canon lol
Film: anything rom com haha
Thing to Wear: wide leg trousers!

Tell us about the shoot day: 

Yes I shot with my good friend Grace!

10:00: Picked up Grace
10:30: Got coffee and breakie at delicious Proud Mary (if you know you know)
11:00 Drove 2 hours to the Oregon Coast
1:00: Arrived now hair and makeup!
2:00: Scouted location - the beach is full of tourists, surfers, loads of people (tho from the photos you wouldn’t think that! haha!) and there was this huge sand dune and we went besides it where nobody was (it looked like a dessert).
3:00: Shooting, experimenting, and having fun!
4:00: Found a location with rocks that were actually the same colour as the clothes (seriously perfect) more shooting, fun, and climbing!
6:00: Wrapped up the shoot, enjoyed the beach, and got a beer at my fav brewery Pelican Pub.
7:00: Seriously such a successful day I was so excited to see the photos! Left the beach during sunset, perfect end to the day
10:00: Tired, sleep, zzzz.


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