Let's Talk Denim

Let’s Talk Denim

Denim lovers, you’re in the right place. It’s our favourite blank canvas and at the heart of everything we do. It best represents our core values, with a durability that lends to lifelong wear and a genderless spirit in its inherent versatility and the many ways to wear it. Each of our pieces pays homage to this utilitarian fabric.


Designing within the boundaries of the denim world allows for the cultivation of creativity. We love the challenge that comes from committing to a material. Our consistent use creates cohesion without falling into repetition. Innovation comes from trying to make new something that we’ve been using over and over again. We are deeply invested in this long-term love interest with denim and discovering everything it can be.

Denim is timeless, and for a good reason. It's sleek, casual, and comfortable—it's ALL OF THE THINGS. Used and loved since the 1800s, denim has stood the test of time. A workwear staple for years and years, it was most often seen in the form of jeans. A pair of jeans is great and all, but we’re most excited by the unexpected ways to wear denim: from custom dyes in fun colors to using the fabric for things like handbags and dresses. We're always exploring alternative takes on what denim should be.


We get all of our denim locally. One of our go-to vendors is a family business owned by two brothers, who travel to find the very best. It’s tough to find places that truly specialize in denim; having these kinds of resources is so important.

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