Part Time Retail Sales Associate 

Marfa, Texas 

2 days 

We are looking for part time retail help. 2 days per week, with training to begin immediately.

Must be confident, self starter, and have a strong interest in fashion and sales. 

Prior sales experience not necessary.

Stop by during open hrs or send a resume to 

Retail Sales Associate 

Marfa, Texas

Full Time / 5 days per week / 35 hrs 

Wednesday - Sunday

10 am - 5 pm

We are hiring!

Seeking a committed individual(s) who are tech savvy, have great social media skills, experience with graphic design,

You are looking for career, like to be challenged, and are looking for opportunity to grow and assist with growing a small brand, and live somewhere new. Must be willing to relocate to Marfa, Texas. 

- previous experience in a comparable retail environment, and a fluency in fashion (other small / large fashion brands)

- must love minimalist fashion and be able to speak about the ASHLEY ROWE brand in relation to this

- strong work ethic, time management, organization, and communication skills

- commitment to personal growth, self knowledge, and building strong, supportive, and caring interpersonal relationships with other employees at the LA store and the MARFA store

- ability to self manage and promote the store online (facebook, instagram, local marfa websites) and take on promoting weekly sales, coming up with fun sales ideas too

- assisting with planning store events in marfa, from idea to execution and running the events.

- sewing, finishing, pressing, and tagging items for the floor (can teach the right candidate how to sew)

- strong social media skills, especially on instagram, where you can mimic the current brand aesthetic in stores and posts, as well as interacting with customers via comments and DMs

Pay based on experience.

Employees receive evaluations on job performance and goal setting every 3 months, and pay will increase every 6 months. Satisfactory evaluations receive a $.50 hr pay increase every 6 months. With excellent evaluations, taking on additional responsibility, and bringing extra to the job that goes above and beyond your basic shop duties, pay will increase accordingly as we mutually find your role in the company and the community we are building. 

10% commission on sales after the store reaches it’s monthly sales goal

50% discount on Ashley Rowe merchandise and 30% off other brands

2 weeks (unpaid) vacation per year.

Free admittance to any classes or workshops

A fun, creative, supportive, and challenging work environment in fashion 

Mentorship, insight on learning how to run a small business, opportunity to learn about many different parts of the business

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to 



Los Angeles, Ca + Marfa, TX


We offer varioius internships, please inquire 

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